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What Trash Bash is all about...

Trash Bash is our Fall Clean-up Event and is, according to Keep Arkansas Beautiful, the largest clean-up event in the state of Arkansas!  Each year hundreds of volunteers travel to Garland and Hot Spring County to clean up the shorelines and nearby streets of Lake Hamilton, Lake Catherine and the Ouachita River.  The cleanup event is essential to the water quality of our lakes and river.  Contact us to learn more about the Trash Bash Council or to find out how to volunteer!

What Cash for Trash Bash is all about...

Cash for Trash Bash is our Spring Clean-Up Event where we work with designated teams to clean up a specific area. We pay a bounty of $5/bag (or bag sized item ... a tire = 1 bag, a chair might be =2 bags…) up to the maximum of $200 (40 bags). There is a team leader meeting where you will meet and get the contact information of your judge and pick up your supplies.  There is a limit of 10 teams for this event, who can receive funds.  So make sure to get your application in as soon as possible!

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Trash Bash Council is a 501(c)3  non-profit Organization.             Call 501-844-2116 to get involved!

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